Vocational Services

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Our vocational services offer a range of programs to meet the many interests and needs of adults with disabilities. Through our social enterprises, life skills and vocational programs QASL supports people to explore their interests, identify personal outcomes, learn/develop new skills and to work or volunteer in their communities. To apply for any of our services, please contact us at (902) 354-2723.

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Life Skills Program

Focuses on transitions such as education-to-work training, life skills, social skills, and community awareness. Through these programs, we encourage the development of the individual's personal growth and independence.

Alternative Day Options

An individual-focused service whereby community opportunities - exclusive of work and work-related options - are developed for the individuals.


Vocational Programs

Individuals develop work skills by contributing to our business activities and helping fulfill contracts. The focus is on work-related skill development in a supported and structured setting.

"I like my job. I work with very nice people. It makes me feel good to come to a place where I like to work and learn different things." ~ Ivan


"I feel good about myself when I'm working in the workshop." ~ Neil

Community Employment

This program encourages and supports individuals in jobs in local businesses. Individuals are paired up with employers in the community to secure job training, as well as, supported in a competitively paid position. If you are interested in becoming an inclusive employer and have an opening in your business, please feel free to call our office.

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QASL is a proud member of DIRECTIONS Council for Vocational Services Society. For more information visit directionscouncil.org

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