How to Get Involved


Association Donor Engagement:
  • Foundation for the Living - a means to stabilize support for unfunded activities of the association or future expansion
  • Life Enhancements - supports special events and extracurricular activities for our participants that enhance their quality of life
  • Operational Supports - augments income for operational expenses such as transportation or basic food an shelter allotments
  • Capital Projects - upgrades and repairs to our buildings and equipment to improve efficiency, accessibility, enhance comfort and ensure safety.

Board of Directors


Association Members:

  • Are part of an organization which serves persons in Queens County who have intellectual and/or phyiscal challenges and mental health issues
  • Are eligible to become members of the Board of Directors, attending regularly scheduled meetings
  • May become a member of various QASL committees
  • Contribute to future development of the organization and the services QASL provides


Other Ways to Get Involved:

  • Volunteer in our Programs
  • Tour Our Facilities
  • Attend our Events
  • Patronize our Businesses
  • Help Spread the Word!


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