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Old Fire Hall

1969 - Penny Lane Woodworking & Enterprises, formally named the Queens Adult Service Centre, was established in 1969 as an activity center originally located in Brooklyn, NS for individuals with disabilities in Queens County. Over time, the Centre developed a more business-related posture. Locations moved from Brooklyn to the Armory in Liverpool and the old Liverpool Fire Hall. In the late 1970s Queens Adult Service Centre purchased and moved to its present location on Pleasant Street in Milton.

1989 - The Board of Directions launched a $250,000 campaign to retrofit the Adult Service Centre opening an art gallery and expanding the woodworking area. We developed a cafeteria and hot lunch program in house and off-site at the elementary school in Milton. There was an Outreach program established in the North Queens Community. Community Based Employment came on the scene in the 1980s and individuals were offered placements in various work settings in the surrounding communities. School to Work Transition was introduced as well.

Expansion project in 1984

1992 - The organization made an application to open the first Children's Small Option Home in the Province. We ended up opening the doors as the second. This Small Option home was home to three children. With the effort, the Board of Directors took on a Strategic Planning commitment for residential service development in Queens County. We eventually expanded the residential options to include Supervised Apartments where individuals can access support to live independently.

Allen House
Queen Street
Stone Hill

2002 - The organization reached another major crossroad. We opened two Developmental Community Homes licensed by the Department of Community Services. These residences became home to 10 people (5 in each home). The project doubled the size of our operation. Over the years, as the residents aged, the Small Option home became another Developmental Community Home supporting five adults. It is with pride that we celebrate our many years of residential service.

2003 - The Vocational and Life Skills Training Centre has been the hub of our activity and administrative structure . In 2003 we embarked on a twofold expansion plan. We needed to address the needs of the clients that were applying for service. A personal care room was attached to the Life Skills training area. Training space, storage space, offices and bathroom facilities were needed for the organization. We opened this expansion in June of 2003 as Queens Association for Supported Living.

2008 - The Department of Community Services, our partner in services provision, awarded us a one-time funding opportunity to enlarge our Day Program capacity at Penny Lane Enterprises. After extensive board discussion, research and assessment it was determined that we would purchase and operate a business as we were charged with ongoing operational costs.

2010 - Using the capacity building funding, QASL purchased the only existing general store in Mill Village and renamed it the Riverbank General Store & Cafe. The venture was an effort to provide people more opportunities for training and work in the retail and hospitality fields. QASL staff along with the clients, Riverbank staff and community volunteers worked diligently to renovate the store into what it is today; an independent small business comprised of an old-fashioned general store, cafe, and gift shop.

General Store

Present - QASL is constantly evolving to meet the needs and interests of the people we support as well as our many community partners. We now have in excess of 70 staff in five locations within the community. We are proud to be celebrating over 50 years of providing choices and opportunity to people with diverse abilities in our communities.

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